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Sales by Product

Sales by Product

The Sales by Product report offers details about each product’s sales performance over a given time frame. It provides valuable insights into which of your products are and aren’t selling well. These insights will enable you to make informed decisions about inventory management and marketing and improve your business.

Most Common Fields Presented In The Report

The most common fields used in the Sales by Product report are:

  • Product Title: Name of your product
  • Product Vendor: Name of the supplier for your product 
  • Product Type: Type of product you are selling; for example, pants, shirts, or shoes
  • Net Quantity: Equates to number of sold items – number of returned items
  • Gross Sales: Equates to product price x quantity (before taxes, shipping, discounts, and returns) for a collection of sales; canceled, pending, and unpaid orders are included; est and deleted orders are not included
  • Discount: The discount applied to the line item 
  • Returns: The value of goods returned by a customer
  • Net Sales: Equates to gross sales – discounts – returns
  • Tax: Sum of all Taxes applied to the order 
  • Total Sales: Equates to gross sales – discounts – returns + taxes + duties + shipping charges 


Tips & Suggestions for Hassle-free Report Generation

Report Pundit offers two options for generating reports: Pre-created and Custom reports. Users can utilize over 100 pre-created templates, or use the report designer tool to create custom reports from scratch. 

The Report Designer tool provides customization options such as static and calculated columns, date range selection, filter conditions, and sort conditions. Users can export reports in various formats, including Excel, PDF, CSV, and Google Drive, and can also schedule automatic report generation. 

Learn more about hassle-free report generation using Report Pundit by CLICKING HERE for a dedicated guide on it.


Why Your Shopify Store Needs This Report

The Sales by Product report is something your store cannot do without because it helps:

  • Identify Top-selling Products 

The report provides information about the number of units sold, the total revenue generated, and average order value for each product. This data can help you identify your top-selling products and prioritize your marketing efforts accordingly.

  • Tracking Inventory Levels 

Gain information about total inventory levels for each product, the number of units sold, and number of units currently in stock. With this data, you can keep track of your inventory levels and restock products as and when needed.

  • Analyzing Performance Over Time 

This report includes data for each product over a specified time period to help you identify trends and patterns in product sales. This information can be used to make informed decisions about inventory levels, pricing, and marketing strategies.

  • Identifying Seasonal Trends 

 Your store won’t fall short of current market trends, nor be unaware of upcoming ones if you use this report. You can predict seasonal trends before they take hold and have the appropriate products with sufficient stock ready to go for maximum sale potential. 

  • Making Informed Business Decisions 

The Sales by Product report takes guesswork and intuition out of your decision-making process that could backfire. It gives you essential data about your store you can use to understand your overall business in-depth. Such insights help you to make critical decisions about your business, and in a data-driven competitive landscape, such data-based, objective decision-making is vital for growth.


Insights You Gain From The Sales by Product Report 

Here are the many insights you gain from using this report:

  • You’ll know the most and least selling products
  • You can determine which products had discounts or refunds applied to them
  • You can identify which product or product categories had more refund requests
  • You’ll uncover the products with  high refund rates.
  • You can confirm if an item has been taxed.
  • You will find out the best performing product categories
  • You’ll get to know total sales generated by product, SKU variant or collection
  • It’ll reveal products shipped by country 
  • You can monitor unfulfilled orders by product


Commonly Asked Questions Answered by This Report

  • Can I have all products sold for a given time period, where the payment type used was a gift card?
  • How to export customer names and the product they purchased along with country, returns and payment method?
  • Is there a report on the total sales amount of orders that shows products with type or category?
  • Can I have a report on product sales filtered by payment type?
  • Is there a report that gives sales data based on product tag?
  • Do you have a report that provides a list of top selling products by units sold?
  • Can I get a product sales report with customer names?
  • Can I get a report displaying product sales by delivery method?
  • Can I get a report that shows product sales  excluding orders with $0 value?
  • Can I get a report giving inventory on hand, committed quantity, and incoming inventory?


Reports Similar To  Sales by Product

  • Sales by POS: Displays Total quantity sold in each POS location.
  • Sales by Order Source: Provides information on Sales made through online, POS, Draft orders etc.
  • Sales by Collections: Provides insights into the performance of different product collections in terms of sales revenue. 
  • Sales by Checkout Currency: Sales by checkout currency refers to the total amount of sales revenue generated by a business from customers grouped by the currency used during the checkout process.
  • Sales by Fulfillment Location: Sales by fulfillment location refers to the total amount of sales revenue generated by a business from customers grouped by the geographic location of order fulfillment. 


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