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Sales by Customer

Sales by Customer

Sales by Customer Report

You deliver the best shopping experience to customers with priority/free shipping, freebies, special discounts and more. But what are they bringing to the table in return for your efforts? Knowing this answer for each customer is key to building stronger relationships with them.  


The Sales by Customer report by Report Pundit is just the tool for the job. It records each customer’s:

  • payment details for every purchase 
  • buying frequency
  • order value 
  • regularly purchased products


You can also identify your highest spending customer, average order value and other crucial metrics with this report. Analyze this data to gain valuable insights into customer purchase behavior and preferences. 

The Sales by Customer report is your ticket to easily upsell and cross sell your products, offer exclusive discount codes, build more impactful marketing campaigns and grow your business.


How the Sales by Customer Report Works

Let’s understand this report through Reena’s experience. 


Reena designs and sells a custom line of fashion accessories on Shopify. She creates unique designs that buyers love, leading to quick growth.


Reena was pleased by her growing customer base, but wanted to know more. Who was spending the most money? Whose design tastes matched her product styles? Figuring this out was key to making her business even better.


Even trickier, Reena was ready to refresh her designs but hit a snag – she wasn’t sure who was buying what. This left her guessing about how her new ideas would land with her customers, affecting potential store growth. 

So Reena turned to Report Pundit’s Sales by Customer report. In her exploration, she discovered that 10% of her buyers were regulars. She also noticed that over 80% of her customers purchased 40% of her designs. 


Armed with this information, she changed her sales and marketing strategy to keep her frequent buyers satisfied. She also redesigned her low-selling fashion accessories to improve their chances in the market.


The report had another surprise in store for Reena. Her in-depth analysis revealed that she hit the jackpot regarding her customer average spend – it was 30% higher than expected. 


Reena was thrilled by this insight. It gave her the confidence to adjust her prices and take her business to the next level.


Reena’s experience shows that the Sales by Customer report can:

  • Determine the average value customers provide. You can categorize them into high, low, and other spender categories to manage them better. 
    • Example: an average customer’s value is $500. Customers with values above $500 can be categorized as “High Spenders” and those below $500 as “Low Spenders”.
  • Shed light on your high-spending and frequent buyers. You can develop targeted loyalty campaigns to retain them. Same goes for other customer value categories. 
  • Find out product selling rate by customer, helping to optimize your product lineup, boost sales and inventory management.
  • Deliver details about your target market purchasing power and behavior. You can decide if your business strategy and goals need a shakeup, whether you’re good to expand your business, etc.

Data Fields in the Sales by Channel Report

The standard fields in this report are:

  • Customer Name: name of customer placing order(s)
  • Customer Email: email ID of customer placing order(s) 
  • Note: Shopify identifies customers with their emails; duplicate emails are not permitted
  • Order Count: number of orders placed by customer over a specific period
  • Gross Sales: gross sales amount per customer; calculated as Product Price * Ordered Quantity for all orders of a customer over a specific period 
  • Net Sales: net sales amount per customer; calculated as Gross Sales – Discounts – Refunds
  • Total Sales: total earnings from each customer over a specific period 


How to View the Sales by Customer Report

It’s a simple 3-step process:

  1. In your Report Pundit app, click Library in the navigation bar.
  2. Check out the Sales & Order Reports section.
  3. When found, click Sales by Customer.


Quick Tip: Type ‘Sales by Customer’ in the Library’s search bar to quickly access the report.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need the Sales by Customer report?

Sales by Customer gives an overview of revenue earned from each customer over a specific period. You can use it to learn customer-specific product preferences and spending patterns.


  • How can I analyze the Sales by Customer report?

Learn Customer Product Preferences – Customize your product lineup to match customer preferences and satisfy them while remaining competitive.

Track Customer Spending – Spot your highest-spending customer segments and adjust your marketing efforts to engage them effectively.

Identify Customer Sources – Learn where your customers are coming from to improve user experience. 


  • Can I customize the Sales by Customer report to include various product variable details?

You can customize the report to include Product, Product Type, SKU, Vendor, Collection, and other related data fields. You can do this manually or contact our team at for help adding them.


  • Will I be able to include other information such as customer total spent and customer total order placed in the same report?

Yes, the report can show ‘Customer Total Spent’ and Customer Order Count’ data. Just add the respective data columns or reach out to our team at and we’ll do it for you.


  • How can I run the Sales by Customer report in Report Pundit?

Open the Report Pundit App -> Library -> Sales & Order Reports -> Sales by Customer

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