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UTM Report

UTM Report

There’s a lot of data to capture from UTM parameters, especially if your campaign is spread out over social, search, third-party websites and other places. This data helps you understand customer behavior and rope in high-value, loyal relationships for your Shopify store. 


The problem? You have to collect a lot of meaningful UTM data for insightful analysis of your campaign performance. However, there’s a simple solution – the Report Pundit UTM Report. 


This report includes fields like UTM Campaign, Source, Term, Medium and Content along with additional metrics like Referring Site, Landing Site, Order Date, and Total Sales. Through this data, merchants can gain valuable insights into campaign effectiveness and ROI. 


Take a detailed look at the UTM report to understand how it pinpoints crucial campaign metrics, unlocking insights that can transform your promotional campaigns into powerful customer magnets. 


How the UTM Report Works

Creating and using UTM parameters can be a complex task. But, we’ve made it fairly simple to use this report. Let’s understand it with an example:


Johnny inherited his family antique store with valuable collectibles from around the world. He immediately created a virtual version on Shopify to expand its visibility, reach and customer base. That got the orders pouring in, but not enough to meet growth expectations.


Johnny wanted to understand what attracted buyers to his online store, where they were coming from, and other similar information. He knew that was the key to improving sales. 

Johny Antique


Learning about UTM parameters, Johnny added multiple tags to his marketing assets like websites, social pages, PPC ads, etc. That’s when he hit a roadblock – he didn’t have the right tool to capture the UTM data. A desperate last moment search brought Johnny to Report Pundit, and eventually to the UTM report. 

Report Pundit - UTM Reports for Shopify

Analyzing the report, Johnny was able to:


  • Measure UTM metrics accurately

When Johnny ran this report, he saw his UTM data placed in separate columns based on parameters. He could even see which campaign it was all from. Thanks to how categorically the data is displayed, merchants can track and analyze the performance of their organic as well as paid ad campaigns with ease.  


  • Identify the best performing campaign assets

Thanks to the report’s UTM Term and Total sales data, Johnny discovered that “collectibles” brought in more revenue than “antiques”. With UTM Medium and Source data, he also noted that more visitors arrived via organic search than the store’s social media pages. 

  • Make data-driven campaign adjustments 

Armed with UTM data insights, Johnny is focusing on organic search marketing with “collectibles” as the primary keyword, along with other related terms. This is how the report helps campaigns become effective: through data-driven optimization. 


  • Allocate budget correctly

Marketing on a limited budget is no problem thanks to this report. UTM data can tell which platform, content, term, etc. works best for a merchant. In Johnny’s case, it led him to allocate more money for search ads by accurately recording their higher traffic volume compared to social ads. 


  • Revamp marketing strategy

Safe in the knowledge that the UTM report could capture relevant data, Johnny plans to start a discount campaign for his Chinese antiques. He also got his affiliate marketing plan rolling by engaging an antiques blogger. That’s the power of lining up UTM parameter data with additional details, a highlight of this report’s capabilities.


  • Calculate campaign ROI

This report simplified campaign evaluation for Johnny, revealing his store gained more traffic from search than social media with equal ad spend on both. By analyzing Order Number and Total Sales data, Johnny determined the ROI for each channel, leading to increased search ad investment. Putting an end to campaigns with poor returns became so much easier. 

Now, Johnny is no longer in the dark about what his customers want from his store and how they approach it. He has the UTM report revealing deep insights on customer behavior and campaign success. This factor has made the report his lighthouse, revealing a path to scale his Shopify store with lower risk. 


Data Fields in the UTM Report


The standard fields in this report are: 


UTM Campaign: marketing campaign associated with the URL


UTM Source: origin of visitor traffic. Ex: Facebook ad, website, etc.


UTM Term: keywords used in both organic, paid search and ad campaigns 


UTM Medium: channel used by visitors to access the campaign URL. Ex: CPC ad, email, social site, etc.


UTM Content: campaign ad content that is tracked for click count


Referring Site: the website or platform containing UTM link to redirect users


Landing Site: indicates the page where users landed after clicking the campaign URL


Order Date: date when campaign-led visitor placed the order


Total Sales: total revenue generated from sales due to the campaign


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I use the UTM Report?

The UTM report captures crucial data from appended UTM tags. You gain valuable insights from that data campaign effectiveness, channel attribution, keyword performance, referral traffic, landing page optimization, budget sufficiency and overall ROI.


  • What other details can be gained from this report?

You can customize the UTM Report to include Order No., Order Note, Checkout ID, Order Status, Order Count, Product details, Transaction and Shipping Details.


  • Can I know the sales contribution of each UTM component in this report?

Yes, you can view how much each UTM component (source, term, medium, content and campaign) contributed to your overall revenue by customizing this report. 


  • Can this report show me data from the Customer Journey report?

Sure. You can customize the UTM report to display the data you want from the customer journey report. 


  • How can I run the UTM report in Report Pundit?

Navigate to: Report Pundit App -> Library -> Customer Journey -> UTM Report

Report Pundit Library - Utm Report

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