Shopify Delivery Reports: Where to Find Them and How to Use Them

Learn more about Shopify delivery reports and how to use them, including unfulfilled, pending, and shipped orders.

As a Shopify store owner, attracting quality customers is the goal. But it’s prompt delivery that seals the deal for your success. Delay their shipment for any reason, especially repeatedly, and it’s game over for your business. 


But tackling delivery delays is like playing whack-a-mole – they pop out of nowhere and do damage before you’re aware of them. 

There’s a solution though: Shopify Delivery Reports. 


Regularly checking these reports helps you spot and resolve fulfillment issues early on. It’s the key to earning customer loyalty by providing consistent on-time deliveries.


Skeptical? Explore Shopify delivery reports in detail through this article. Discover their features and understand how they can ease your store’s operations. 


How to Find Shopify’s Delivery Reports

Shopify delivery reports are now available in all Shopify plans. Just follow these steps to reach them:

  1. In your Shopify dashboard, click on Analytics in the left panel. 
  2. Then, click on Reports under it. You’ll see the list of available reports.
  3. Drop-down the Categories menu and select Orders. 


That’s it! Once done, you’ll find these two types of delivery reports:

  • Fulfillment, Shipping, and Delivery Times
  • Fulfillment Over Time


Pro Tip: You can also quickly bring up these reports by typing their names into the Filter reports (search) bar. 


Shopify Fulfillment  Report


Another Pro Tip: As you can see, Shopify doesn’t give you comprehensive delivery reports. You’ll need more data to consistently fulfill orders. 


Fortunately, there’s an ally that can give you that data – Report Pundit.

We’ve got a variety of reports containing all the data you’ll want on your order deliveries. The best part – you can create those reports with just a click.


Find out more about how Report Pundit can help keep your store delivering orders like a well-oiled machine below.


How to Use Shopify Delivery Reports

While not extensively detailed, Shopify delivery reports do have a lot to unpack. 


Let’s dig deeper into each type available:


Fulfillment, Shipping, and Delivery Times

Shopify Fulfillment, Shipping and delivery


As the image above shows, the Shopify Fulfillment, Shipping, and Delivery Times report hands you related data collectively. You only get a high-level view of your orders’ delivery timelines. You’re left high and dry if you seek each order’s delivery data.


On the plus side, the report lets you visualize delivery trends via a number of metrics, like:

  • Time to Complete

This column details your order fulfillment, shipment and delivery timeline. In the example above, it shows that 468 orders were delivered in 2 days and 686 orders in just a day. 

  • Fulfilled Orders

This column lists all orders prepared for shipment within your selected timeframe.


  • Shipped Orders

Counts all orders dispatched, triggering an email confirmation to customers from your Shopify store.


  • Delivered Orders

Indicates the total number of orders successfully delivered to customers.


  • Data Chart

Use this to visually break down and scrutinize your data. It has options to group by day, week, month, or year, simplifying complex analyses.


You can further refine the report’s data with filters for channels, shipping carriers, and cities.


That sums up this report. Let’s proceed to the next one!


Fulfillment Over Time

Shopify - Fulfillment Over time

The Fulfillment Over Time report shows the number of orders fulfilled, shipped, and delivered based on incremental periods. You can also specify the timeframe of the numbers like day, week, month or year.


The chart displays fulfillment trends and allows you to filter data for specific sales channels using the ‘All Channels’ option. 


This report also gives you high-level information about your fulfillment process. It doesn’t provide fulfillment and delivery information of individual orders. For that data, you’ll need Report Pundit. 


Advanced Shopify Delivery Reports by Report Pundit


Report Pundit’s delivery reports give information on your every Shopify order. We have multiple delivery reports like: 

  • Unfulfilled Orders
  • Orders Paid but not Fulfilled
  • Orders Fulfilled in the Last 30 Days
  • Orders Pending Fulfillment
  • Shipping Report
  • Shipping Label Cost Report


Remember, you can personalize each report by adding custom fields. Choose from existing options, or request fields specifically designed for your needs.

Report Pundit - Unfulfilled Orders Customization

You can also add basic to advanced-level filters to find exactly what you want. These features not only make our reports unique, but also incredibly useful. 


Let’s now explore each delivery report.


Unfulfilled Orders


ReportPundit - Unfulfilled Orders Report

This delivery report is crucial for identifying unfulfilled orders that need your immediate attention. It’s also handy to track specific orders customers ask about. 


This comprehensive report includes order date, name, product and variant titles, quantity, shipping details and fulfillment status, all at your fingertips.


Orders Paid but Not Fulfilled

Report Pundit - Order Paid but not fulfilled Report

Ever waited eagerly to buy a product, only to experience frustratingly slow delivery? If that strikes a chord, you’ll understand why follow-up conversations with such customers are rarely pleasant.


Identifying orders that have been paid for but not fulfilled is crucial to keep fulfillment going. The Orders Paid but Not Fulfilled report helps you do just that.


The key difference between this report and the previous one lies in focus: this report exclusively tracks orders that are paid but unfulfilled.


It’s a vital tool for prioritizing order fulfillment and delivery, ensuring customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.  


Orders Fulfilled in Last 30 Days

Report Pundit - Order Fulfilled in last 30 days

This report displays all fulfilled orders in the last 30 days. The data shown includes order date, order name, product title, variant title, quantity, fulfilled status & date, and the shipping address.

Use this report to analyze monthly delivery trends.


Orders Pending Fulfillment


Report Pundit - Order Fulfilled in last 30 days

This report is similar to the Orders Paid but Not Fulfilled report, except for date range. It contains YTD (Year-to-Date) data while the Orders Paid but Not Fulfilled report contains the last 30 days data.


Shipping Report


Report Pundit - Shipping ReportTracking orders and shipments is key to order fulfillment touchdowns. We noticed Shopify reports miss this essential data, so we capture it with our customizable Shipping Report.


The Shipping Report gives a quick snapshot of your shipping details, covering everything from order and product info to customer details, shipping addresses, and most importantly, each shipment’s progress. 


It’s a super handy tool that helps you and your customers stay on top of shipped orders. 


Shipping Label Cost Report


ReportPundit - Shipping Label Cost ReportShipping labels are more than just postage; they’re your ticket to ensuring products land safely and on time at their destinations. Plus, they’re a smart way to track your orders without breaking the bank. 


But here’s the thing: things can get expensive if you don’t keep an eye on those shipping label costs. That’s where our Shipping Label Cost report comes in. It lets you dive into the shipping label costs for each order while checking out their fulfillment status. 


You won’t find this kind of detail in Shopify’s default reports, so Report Pundit is your go-to for these must-have insights.


These six reports focus on fulfillment and delivery for each order, giving you the full picture of this aspect of your Shopify store. Give Report Pundit a go today and take your Shopify reporting to the next level.


Get the Job Done with Shopify Delivery Reports 

In the world of eCommerce, getting your products to customers quickly is everything. Let’s face it, no one likes to wait too long for their orders.


A top-notch delivery reporting system within Shopify is what you need to ensure orders reach customers on-time. The above-mentioned reports are the key to achieving this.


By blending the power of Shopify’s own reports with the added muscle of Report Pundit, you’re in a good spot. This combo ensures timely order fulfillment and keeps you clued-in on whether each order’s payment has been sorted.


Simply click on Start Trial in the link above to add Report Pundit and supercharge your Shopify store’s reporting.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is a Shopify Delivery Report?

A. A Shopify delivery report tracks the delivery status of your store’s orders. It can detail individual or group orders, helping you manage the fulfillment process so that each customer gets their purchases on time. 


What is in a Shopify Shipping Report?

This report provides a comprehensive overview of your store’s order shipments, including shipping statuses and customer details.


How do I get a shipping report in Shopify?

A. Find basic shipping info in the Fulfillment, Shipping, and Delivery report under Orders. For more detailed insights, Report Pundit is your go-to tool.


Where can I find Shipping Reports in Shopify?

A. Shipping Reports can be found in the Orders section under Shopify Reports.


How do I check shipping status in Shopify?

A. Shopify’s Fulfillment report lets you view the shipping status of orders in bulk. For individual order tracking, apps like Report Pundit are essential.


How can customers track their orders on Shopify?

A. Customers can use the Order Status page to track their orders in real time. 


Where can I find the Shopify Shipping Cost report?

A. Shopify doesn’t offer built-in reports for shipping costs. To analyze your shipping costs, you’ll need a third-party reporting tool like Report Pundit.

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