Shopify Delivery Reports: Where to Find Them and How to Use Them

Learn more about Shopify delivery reports and how to use them, including unfulfilled, pending, and shipped orders.

As a Shopify store owner, you put in a lot of work to get the right people to your online store and impress them to buy your products.

But once orders are placed, it’s essential that you deliver the products promptly so the customers don’t end up waiting too long. Failure to do so will frustrate your customers, resulting in refunds and canceled orders, and in worst cases detraction from your brand.

To avoid such a scenario, it’s critical that you check your Shopify delivery reports every day to track orders and ensure they’re fulfilled on time.

This results in customers who are happy with their purchase experience from start to finish. Plus, keeping on top of your delivery reports will help you identify any potential issues with your fulfillment process so you can address them before they cause serious problems. With that said, let’s look at how to get started with Shopify delivery reports.


Where to Find Delivery Reports in Shopify?

The first step in the fulfillment process is to find the number of orders placed and their delivery timelines. The only place you can find these numbers is in the Orders section of Shopify Reports.

Before we look at the above reports, you should know that Orders reports are available only in ShopifyAdvanced Shopify, and Shopify Plus subscription plans. If you’re subscribed to Lite or Basic plans, you’ll not be able to access these reports.

Nonetheless, merchants of any plan can access the best and most convenient delivery reports via Report Pundit, the top-rated reporting application in the Shopify App Store.

We also recommend that you use the Report Pundit app, as Shopify’s delivery reports are quite minimalistic. We’ll discuss that in just a bit.


Different Types of Delivery Reports Available on Shopify

Circling back to delivery reports in Shopify, there are two types of reports you can find:


    • Fulfillment, shipping, and delivery times

    • Fulfillment over time

    Both of these reports provide high-level information on your deliveries and fulfillment. Let’s look at how you can use them.


    How to Use Shopify Delivery Reports

    As mentioned earlier, Fulfillment, Shipping and Delivery times and Fulfillment Over Time are the only two reports that give you summarized data of delivery metrics in Shopify.

    Let’s look at each of them.


    Fulfillment, Shipping, and Delivery Times

    As you can see in the image above, the Fulfillment, shipping, and delivery times report does not give you delivery data based on each order. Instead, it gives you collective data of the number of orders shipped, fulfilled, and delivered. It only helps if you want to get a high-level view of the delivery timelines.

    If you’re in need of a delivery date for a specific order, then finding it here will be a tough task.

    However, this report has its advantages. You can visualize trends regarding how long it takes for your products to reach your customers. Here’s what can find here:

    ●     Time to complete – This column shows the number of days it took for orders to be fulfilled, shipped, and delivered. In the example above,  468 orders were delivered within 2 days, whereas 686 orders were fulfilled in one day.

    ●     Fulfilled orders – This is where you will find all the orders that were fulfilled within the selected date range. Fulfilled orders are those that are ready to be shipped to your customer.

    ●     Shipped orders – This column shows the total number of orders that were shipped. Once an order is shipped, your customer receives an email confirmation from your Shopify store.

    ●     Delivered orders – This column shows the number of orders that were delivered.

    ●     Data chart – A data chart is a fantastic tool that will help you visualize and analyze the above data easily. You can use the group by option to analyze the data by day, week, month, and year.

    You can also dive deep into this report by choosing various filters available for channels, shipping carriers, and cities.

    And that’s all you’re going to find in this report. Let’s move on!


    Fulfillment Over Time

    The fulfillment overtime report shows you the number of orders fulfilled, shipped, and delivered based on incremental periods. You can also specify the timeframe that you’d like to view these numbers for, that is day, week, month, or year.

    The chart visualizes any trends, along with the ability to view data of specific sales channels by using the All channels filter.

    However, this report also gives you high-level information on how your fulfillment happens. While it is certainly important, the question that remains is how do you find fulfillment and delivery information of individual orders?

    The answer is Report Pundit. Let’s look at how it helps!


    Advance Shopify Delivery Reports from Report Pundit

    Report Pundit’s delivery reports give you information on each and every Shopify order. They’re distributed among 4 different reports, which have their own purpose.


      • Unfulfilled Orders

      • Orders Paid but not Fulfilled

      • Orders Fulfilled in the Last 30 Days

      • Orders Pending Fulfillment

      • Shipping Report

      • Shipping Label Cost Report

      Before we explain these reports, remember that you can customize each of these reports by adding custom fields. You can either add from the existing fields available, or you can request custom fields engineered for your needs.

      You can also add basic to advanced filters to find exactly what you are looking for.

      These are some of the many options that make these reports unique but extremely useful. Now let’s look at each delivery report.


      Unfulfilled Orders

      This is by far the most important delivery report. It shows you all the orders that were not fulfilled and should be addressed immediately.

      It comes in handy when you have to track a specific order that a customer is enquiring about.  (Finally, we have found the report that does the job)

      It provides the order date, order name, product title, variant title, quantity, shipping details, and fulfillment status.


      Orders Paid but Not Fulfilled

      Imagine you’re waiting to buy a product for a long time and then finally you pay & buy it, only to realize that the delivery is taking forever.

      If you can relate to that situation, then you know the follow-up conversations from that customer are not going to be pleasant ones.

      So it is essential that you find out which orders were paid for but not fulfilled.

      The only difference between this report and the previous one is that the previous report displays all unfulfilled orders despite the paid status of the order.

      In this report, you will only find orders that were paid for but not fulfilled yet. It helps you prioritize which orders to be fulfilled and delivered first. 


      Orders Fulfilled in Last 30 Days

      This report displays all the fulfilled orders within the last 30 days. It displays data such as order date, order name, product title, variant title, quantity, fulfilled status & date, and the shipping address.

      One of the ways you can use this report is when you need to analyze month-on-month delivery trends.


      Orders Pending Fulfillment

      This report is similar to the unfulfilled reports. However, the only difference is the date range. This report contains YTD data whereas the unfulfilled orders report contains the last 30 days data.


      Shipping Report

      Keeping track of the orders and products getting shipped is essential for smooth operations. Unfortunately, this critical report is missing in Shopify and so we bring it to your Shipping report which can be customized in multiple ways.

      The report summarizes the shipping details of each order within a selected time period. It displays order details, product details, customer information, shipping address, and most importantly the status of the shipment.

      It helps you stay updated with the fulfillment of each order and thereby, retaining and improving customer trust.


      Shipping Label Cost Report

      Shipping labels make sure the products reach their destination safely, securely, and on time. They’re also a cost-effective way of tracking your orders. However, you need to keep tabs on your shipping label costs.

      This report helps you analyze the shipping label costs for each order, along with the fulfillment status. Though it’s quite important, you will not find this information in Shopify’s inbuilt reports. So you need to get on to Report Pundit to get these essential shipping reports.

      And these are the 6 reports related to fulfillment and delivery based on individual orders. Try Report Pundit today and get the best of your Shopify Reports.


      Ensure Your Shopify Delivery Reports Gets Job Done

      Fulfillment and delivery are the most important aspects of the eCommerce space. Your customers cannot wait for too long.

      To ensure you get their ordered products on time, you need to have a robust delivery reporting system in Shopify.

      The reports discussed in this article will certainly help you reach that goal. Combining the reports offered by Shopify and Report Pundit, you can fulfill your orders on time and also know if the payment of each order is collected.

      So empower your online business by merging the two reporting systems


      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      Q. What is a Shopify delivery report?

      A. A Shopify delivery report provides information on the delivery status of orders placed in your Shopify store. It may contain information on singular orders or collective orders.

      The delivery report can help you in completing the fulfillment process and ensure your customers receive their ordered products within the scheduled timelines.


      Q. What is a Shopify shipping report?

      A. Shopify shipping report provides shipping information of your store’s orders. It shows the status of shipments along with the details of the customer.


      Q. How do I get a shipping report in Shopify?

      A. You can get high-level shipping-related information from the Fulfillment, Shipping, and Delivery report in the Orders report section. To get the best shipping information of your Shopify orders, you can use Report Pundit.


      Q. Where can you find Shipping Reports in Shopify?

      A. You can find it in the Orders section of Shopify Reports.


      Q. How do I check the shipping status on Shopify?

      A. In Shopify, you can check the shipping status of orders collectively in the Fulfillment report. However, to check the status of individual orders, you need to use apps such as Report Pundit.


      Q. How Customers can track their orders on Shopify?

      A. Customers can track orders using the order status page after they have placed the order.


      Q. Where can I find the Shopify shipping cost report?

      A. You can use third-party reporting apps like Report Pundit to find the shipping costs of your Shopify orders. There are no inbuilt shipping cost reports that Shopify provides.

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