Build E-commerce Reports the Easy Way

Our Report Designer helps you build Shopify reports that make e-commerce operations easier.  Choose from pre-made templates or fully customize your reports from scratch.  Our built-in report previewer guarantees you get the results you want.

Hundreds of Shopify Fields + Add Your Own

Shopify has more than 2,000 data fields available to storefront merchants.  We support them all… AND your own custom fields, too.

Calculated and Custom Fields

Report Pundit features many exclusive field calculations, including:

  • profit margin
  • sell through data
  • inventory flow
  • GST/VAT records
  • first time vs recurring customers

You can also create an unlimited number of custom fields based on regular expressions (yep, we have help docs).

Unlimited Date Range Options

You can create pinpoint accurate reports based on your own data range filter criteria.

Date Ranges:  Today, Yesterday, by Quarter, Last n Days, Custom 

Day/Week:  All Days, Weekdays, Multiple Days

Month:  Any Combination of Months

Quarter:  Any Combination of Quarters

Year:  Choose Any Combination from 2012 to Current

Hour:  By Date and Any Combination of AM/PM Time

Advanced Report Filters

Limit record results by multiple fields with parameters (equals, does not equal, contains, less than, greater than, etc).   

You can also show only the top 10, 25, 50, or 100 records based on your report type.

Report Designer Formatting

Plenty of Format Settings

With Report Pundit, building reports to meet your exact needs is what we’re all about.  That’s why we include many formatting options for each record summary.

Flexible File Formats

Save reports as PDF, CSV, Excel (XLSX), or custom delimiter.

Detailed and Summary Report View

Although most reports feature Summary-based views, an optional detailed view itemizes each transaction.

Customized Currency

Choose any type of currency symbol for final report output.

Sub Totals

For reports with numeric fields (ie total orders, etc), enabling Sub Totals will display a total of related values.

Grand Totals

Grand totals for report columns can appear at the top or bottom of each report, or not at all.

Give Report Pundit a Try.

Reach us any time:  we’re here for you every step of the way.