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Choose from over 100 pre-made reports that offer access to data from various functions of your Shopify store with just a click. Get instant insights into your store’s Inventory, Orders, Sales, Taxes, Products, Payments, and more.

Effective Use of Premade Reports

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Inventory on Hand
Inventory Sale Value Report
Inventory Cost Report
Out of Stock Product
Inventory Level Indicator
Inventory by Location
Inventory by Product Type
Low Stock Product
Inventory Re-Order Point
Inventory Status
Inventory by Collections


Unfulfilled Orders
Orders Paid But Not Fulfilled
Orders Fulfilled In Last 30 Days
Orders Pending Fulfilment
Shipping Report
Shipping Label Cost Report

Customer Journey

UTM Report
Customer Journey
Sales by Referring Site
Sales by UTM Source
Sales by UTM Medium
Sales by UTM Campaign

Abandoned Carts

Potential Revenue Lost Due to Abandoned Cart
Most Abandoned Products List
Abandoned Cart Status
Abandoned Cart With Customer Details
Potential Revenue Lost Due to Abandoned Cart Product
Open Abandoned Cart Led to Purchase
Last 6 Month of Abandoned Carts

Google Analytics

Attribution Metrics
Daily Visitor Metrics
Product Conversion
Campaign Performance
Channel Performance

Sales & Orders

Last 24 Hours Orders
Last 30 days Sales Summary
Order Report
Finance Summary Report
Sales by Product
Sales by Variant
Sales by Vendor
Sales by POS
Sales by Staff
Sales by Discount Code
Sales by Channel
Sales by Customer
Refund Report
Commission Report
Completed Draft Order
Order Tags and Line Item Properties
Sales by Collections
Sales Over Time
Sales by Billing Location
Sales by Checkout Currency
Sales by Device ID
Order vs Return (Monthly)
Sales by Fulfillment Location


Tax Report
Monthly Tax Summary
Product Tax Report
Tax by State
Tax by Country
Canadian Tax Report
USA Tax collected (Shopify)
United States Sales Tax

Transactions & Billing

Successful Transactions
Failed Transactions
Pending Transactions
Paypal Details and Reconciliation
Stripe Details and Reconciliation
Payment Gateway Report
Total Transaction Value by Gateway
Gift Card Transactions

Shopify / Paypal Payouts

Shopify Payout Report
Shopify Payment Transaction Export
Payout Order Report
Payout Order Line Item Report

Product SKU Variants

Best Selling Products
Total Products Sold
Never Sold Products
Best Selling Collections
All Product
Product by Collections
Products by Vendor and Product Tags
Products by Product Type
Sales by Product (existing products)
Sales by Product Variant (existing SKUs)
Out Of Stock Report (daily)
Product Return Rate
Product Combination
ABC Analysis


Customer Information
Most Valuable Customers
Returning Customers
First Time/New Customers
Outstanding Customer Payments
First Time vs Returning Customers sales
Customers by Location

Tags & Collections

Sales Attributed to Marketing
Sales by Collection Group
Sales by Product Tag Group
Sales by Customer Tag Group
Sales by Order Tag Group
Sales Attributed to Each Collections
Sales Attributed to Each Product Tag
Sales Attributed to Each Customer Tag
Sales Attributed to Each Order Tag

Import Feeds/Templates

Xero Inventory Items Import
QuickBooks Product Import
QuickBooks Customer Import
QuickBooks Invoices
Xero Sales Invoice

Key Shopify Metrics Available in Report Pundit

We can also incorporate any custom data from Shopify APIs.

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Inventory Related Metrics

Customer Related Metrics

Tax Report Related Metrics

Transaction & Billing Related Metrics

Sales and Order Report Metrics

Abandoned Cart Related Metrics

Integration Metrics

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