Third Party Integrations

Report Pundit combines e-commerce data across multiple software platforms.

With FREE app connectivity, the sky’s the limit.

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics

customer journey, user demographics, behavior tracking

Facebook Integration


Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights

Stripe Integration


Stripe transaction reports

PayPal Integration


PayPal transaction reports

Google Integration

Google Drive

store reports, replace reports

Amazon Pay Integration

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay transaction reports

Google Sheets Integration

Google Sheets

update Google Sheets documents, add/remove rows, etc

Klaviyo Integration


email open rate, email click through rate, customer count, etc

Klarna Integration


Klarna transaction reports

Shopify Integration


access 2,000 record types, calculated records, custom fields

Google Big Query Integration

Google Big Query

push reports to Big Query, update tables, overwrite tables

Coming Soon:

FedEx Integration

- coming soon -

shipping transactions, shipping fees

Bing Integration

- coming soon -

Bing Ads

tiktok Integration

- coming soon -

TikTok user data, demographics

Snapchat Integration

- coming soon -

Snap Ads, Snapchat audiences

UPS Integration

- coming soon -

shipping transactions, shipping fees

Our Feed Templates:

Xero Integration

Xero Accounting

inventory items

Google Shopping Integration

Google Shopping

Google Shopping reports

QuickBooks Integration


product imports, customer imports, invoices

Unlimited Reports

Did You Know?

Create all the reports you want

That's right:  you'll be able to create an unlimited number of reports.  Data made your way.