A Comprehensive Guide to Top Shopify Reporting Apps

we’ve chosen some essential parameters to compare the four industry-leading apps - Report Pundit, Better Reports, Mipler, and Report Toaster.

Data makes all the difference in the ever-changing world of ecommerce. For Shopify merchants, leveraging the power of reporting apps is no longer just advantageous; it’s essential to drive informed decision-making and maximize business growth. But amidst the sea of options out there, how do you figure out which one is the perfect fit for your business?


Well, in our quest to identify the ideal reporting solution (and help you determine the best fit), we’ve chosen some essential parameters to compare the four industry-leading apps – Report Pundit, Better Reports, Mipler, and Report Toaster. 


These apps boast a host of features designed to empower merchants with actionable insights and enhance their Shopify performance. By offering key information about their features, scheduling options, integrations and pricing models, we aim to provide merchants with proper guidance to select the right app for their unique reporting needs. 


The table below provides the details you need to make an informed decision when selecting a Shopify reporting app:


Feature Comparison

Features Report Pundit Better Reports Mipler Report Toaster
Custom Fields Yes Yes No Yes
Calculated Field Yes Yes Yes Yes
Column Grouping Yes Yes Yes Yes
User Management Yes Yes No No
Custom Email Domain Yes No No No
Custom Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes
Charts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi Currency Yes Yes Yes No
Multi-store Reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dashboard Yes No Yes Yes
Export Formats Excel, CSV, PDF, TXT Excel, CSV, PDF, TXT Excel, CSV, PDF, TXT, .html, JSON, TXT Excel, CSV, PDF, TXT
Chat Support Yes No Yes No
Free Trial Yes Yes Yes Yes


Output Report Pundit Better Reports Mipler Report Toaster
Email Yes Yes Yes Yes
FTP Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google Drive Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email Summary Yes No Yes Yes
Google Sheets Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power BI Yes No No No
BigQuery Yes No No No
Shareable Link Yes No Yes Yes

Integrations with Other Party APIs

Output Report Pundit Better Reports Mipler Report Toaster
Ad Platforms (Google, FB, Bing, TikTok, Snapchat) Yes No No No
Payment Gateways (PayPal, Stripe, Square, Zettle, Authorize.net) Yes Yes (Only Stripe) No No
BNPL Gateways (Klarna, Afterpay, Sezzle, Affirm) Yes No No No
Subscription Platforms (Recharge, Seal, Bold, Loop) Yes No No No
Shipping Platforms (Shipstation, Shippo, Ship Bob,Ship Hero, FedEx) Yes No No No
POD Platforms (Printful,printavo) Yes No No No
Returns Platforms (Returnly, Rich Returns, Return Prime) Yes No No No
Inventory Management (stocky, Square) Yes No No No
Marketing (Yotpo,Uppromote) Yes No No No


Output Report Pundit Better Reports Mipler Report Toaster
Basic $0 - $14 $19.99 $19.99 - $49.99 $9
Shopify $0 - $26 $39.99 $34.99 - $89.99 $30
Advanced $0 - $50 $149.99 $89.99 - $169.99 $30
Plus $0 - $60 $299.99 $139.99 - $219.99 $150



  • Apart from Custom Email Domain and Dashboard, Better Reports has all the other key features you need in a Shopify reporting app. 
  • Mipler doesn’t provide Custom Fields, Custom Email Domain, and User Management, making it less flexible than Better Reports. 
  • Report Toaster doesn’t offer the Custom Email Domain and User Management feature either, and it’s a single currency app, making it the weakest in terms of features compared to the other three. 
  • Report Pundit offers a wider range of primary features that make Shopify reporting a breeze. If you need to integrate with various third-party tools, Report Pundit is your strongest option.


Scheduling Options:

  • Better Reports, Mipler and Report Toaster cannot automatically export your reports to Power BI and Big Query.
  • In addition to the limited scheduling options, Better Reports does not provide Email Summary and Shareable Links either, making it the weakest in terms of scheduling options.
  • Report Pundit’s Schedule offers the convenience of automated report delivery to Email, FTP, Google Drive, Google Sheets, BigQuery and Power BI. The app also provides the option to create shareable links which can be shared with your staff, accountants, vendors, etc. without compromising your Shopify login credentials, giving Report Pundit a more robust range of scheduling options. 



  • Better Reports, Mipler and Report Toaster – three of the top four Shopify reporting apps do not offer any third party app integrations. 
  • Report Pundit offers significant advantages with its third-party integrations. It can be integrated with various third party apps to streamline your inventory management, marketing, finances and fulfillment. 
  • Some of the third party integrations offered by Report Pundit include Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads, Bing Ads, PayPal, Stripe, Seal, Bold, Shippo, FedEx, Returnly, and more.  



  • Better Reports’ plans start from $19.99 and go up to $299.99, making it the most expensive in our comparison of the four best reporting apps. 
  • Mipler’s plans range from $19.99 to $219.99.
  • Report Toaster’s plans cost between $9 and $150.
  • Report Pundit’s plans start from $9 and go up to $60, making it the most pocket-friendly Shopify reporting app. 


Why do you need a reporting app?

Reporting apps like Report Pundit, Better Reports, Mipler and Report Toaster offer several advantages over Shopify’s standard reporting, making them a valuable tool for ecommerce businesses. Here are the main reasons why you need a reporting app to propel your Shopify business: 


Customization: Most reporting apps allow you to create more custom reports based on your unique business needs. This provides online merchants with data presentation and analysis beyond the fixed formats of Shopify’s standard reports.


Advanced Data Insights: Reporting apps provide deeper and more detailed insights, helping businesses uncover intricate patterns, customer behaviors, and operational inefficiencies that Shopify’s basic reports might overlook.


Automated Reporting: Reporting apps allow you to automate reports and receive them via email or directly into other applications like FTP, Google Sheets, Google Drive, Power BI, BigQuery, etc. saves time and ensures timely decision-making based on the latest data.


Customer Support: Most reporting apps are known for their responsive customer support, helping in creating custom reports and troubleshooting, which can be particularly beneficial for businesses without in-house data analysis expertise.


Cost Efficiency: For stores requiring advanced reporting capabilities, some reporting apps can be more cost-effective than upgrading to higher-tier Shopify plans just for their advanced reporting features. 


Comprehensive Integration: At least one of the reporting apps we have discussed in this blog can integrate data from various sources within and outside the Shopify ecosystem, enabling a holistic view of business performance across multiple platforms.


Overall, reporting apps promote data-driven decision-making by providing more detailed, customizable, and actionable insights than Shopify’s standard reporting features. We hope our comparison of the industry-leading apps helps you make an informed decision and select the right reporting partner for your ecommerce business. 


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we’ve chosen some essential parameters to compare the four industry-leading apps - Report Pundit, Better Reports, Mipler, and Report Toaster.

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