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Product Combinations

Product Combination Report for Shopify

Ecommerce has simplified our shopping habits, allowing us to snag our favorite products in a snap. Imagine taking that convenience up a notch as a seller for your Shopify store. By introducing product bundling, where customers can discover items that compliment their main purchase, you’re not just selling more; you’re crafting an experience. This approach naturally fosters customer loyalty and enhances the joy of discovery.


But how do you know which product combinations pair well together?


That’s where our Product Combination report comes in handy. Use it to uncover popular product pairs, track their purchase frequency, and gain valuable insights. This data is perfect for fine-tuning your product lineup, understanding customer behavior, and identifying cross-selling/upselling opportunities.


Take the guesswork out of offering the right combinations of products for sale with accurate data. Your customers will love the added convenience of buying more products with less effort. It’s a quick way to increase customer numbers and their loyalty to your Shopify brand. 


How the Product Combination Report Works

Take a look at how a Shopify business leveraged its product combinations using this report:


Tool Trendz is a company manufacturing all kinds of hand tools. In an attempt to boost profit margins, management decided to open a Shopify store for direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales.

While its inexperienced staff did the best they could, Tool Trendz couldn’t capture the data needed to understand buying patterns of their new retail customers.


One of the crucial data points they missed was the combination of tools their online customers bought. Tool Trendz management was betting big on product combinations as they were moneymakers for the business in the B2B segment. 


The online store staff replicated those combinations for the new D2C segment. But they were in the dark about how well those combinations were liked by retail customers. 

Tool Trendz - Shopify Store

So they installed Report Pundit and looked into the Product Combination Report for new insights. And they got the data they were looking for.


The Tool Trendz staff found that:

ReportPundit - Production Combination - Shopify Report


  • cordless drills were bought with wrenches and drill bit sets
  • boxed nails were purchased with hammers 
  • measuring tools were combined with other products of the same category only. The most popular combination was measuring tape and spirit level tools 
  • heavy hammers were surprisingly purchased with vises and clamps
  • glue guns sold with both masonry and carpentry tools


This discovery was invaluable for the Tool Trendz staff. They could finally understand the buying behavior of their new online customers via in-depth data analysis. 


Today, the company also uses the Product Combination Report to build new combinations while evaluating current ones. 


Looking at its impact on Tool Trendz, it’s clear this report helps:

  • Increase Average Order Value (AOV)

Tool Trendz used customer purchase data about bundled boxed nails with hammers to improve sales. Customers are likely to purchase items that enhance their primary product, increasing overall AOV.

  • Cross-sell and Upsell Products

Tool Trendz plans to increase sales by cross-selling drills with wrenches. This report is a great tool to identify and bundle slow sellers with popular items, highlight new products and upsell top-performing items.

  • Optimize store website for better search ranking

Staff operating the Tool Trendz online store gathered product combination names via this report. The names were used as keywords to optimize website content and improve its search ranking. It’s crucial to improve brand visibility and bring in more traffic, improving chances of sales.


  • Improve user experience

Tool Trendz revamped its website by grouping similar products, making shopping more intuitive. This strategy can improve navigation and purchasing for online customers.


Data Fields in the Product Combination Report

The standard fields in this report are:


Product Freq: shows products that are purchased together. Ex: If ‘Towel’ and ‘Face Wash’ are bought together, the field shows ‘Towel, Face Wash’ 


Note: The report identifies products bought together by scanning all orders placed during a specified period.


Count: number of times the product combination was purchased


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why use the Product Combination Report?

You can use this report to:

  • strategically cross-sell and upsell products
  • enhance customer shopping experience by offering related products
  • develop a data-driven product bundling strategy
  • increase your average order value and overall sales


  • Can I view the items bought along with a certain product?

Yes, you can use the filter function to view the primary and combined products, which the report lists in separate lines to help you identify the most frequently bought combination. You can also reach out to our support team at to customize the report.


  • Can this report show which cross-selling bundle is performing best?

Correct! Simply apply custom filters to eliminate product combos that aren’t cross-selling options and the report will show your top performing bundle. Contact our team at for this report customization.


  • Is it possible to view unique combinations by product category instead of variant category?

Yes, we can customize the report to list product combinations by category instead of variants. Please contact our team at to customize the report.


  • How to reach the Product Combination report in Report Pundit?

Go to: Report Pundit App -> Library -> Product and Variant Sku Reports -> Product Combination

ReportPundit Library - Product Combination Shopify Report

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