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Customer Journey

Customer Journey

Shopify Customer Journey

The Customer Journey report tracks each customer’s purchase history, providing a window into their Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). You view the revenue contributed by each customer on their first, second, and subsequent orders.  


With this report, you no longer have to second guess how your customers have responded to your efforts to capture and retain them. The added bonus – you can analyze the data for insights to improve customer outreach and retention measures, growing brand loyalty and revenue. 


The Customer Journey report helps you stay in step with customer purchases all through your sales funnel, along with many other benefits. 


Understanding the Customer Journey Report

The report breaks down the total revenue contributed by individual customers into three categories:


Customer Journey Report - Report Pundit


As you can see in the above example, if the customer has only purchased once from the store, the sale amount is mentioned under the 1x Buyer data column. If they’ve ordered twice, that total purchase value is shown in the 2x Buyer column. 


If a customer orders more than twice from your store, their total spend is shown in the 3x plus Buyer column. These values are accompanied by the Total Spend value and total Order Count during the entire time the customer is with the store. 

It’s that simple. 


Reasons to Use This Report

The Customer Journey report points out repeat customers with order count and buyer spend category data. That’s a direct indicator of customer brand loyalty. With the total spend value in each category, you’re also treated to the value added to your business by single, double, and multi-time buyers. 


Shopify Customer Journey


There are other benefits to using this report as well:

  • You can understand each customer’s behavior in your store through their purchase patterns. This insight is valuable to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing strategy, website user interface, and other similar influential store aspects. 


  • Identify your high-value customers for customized targeting. They’re the ones with high order counts and total spends. In other words, they have high CLV and purchasing power. Prioritize them for increased revenue while looking for ways to improve income from other customer categories. 


  • The purchase frequency of customers presents opportunities for upselling and cross-selling products. It increases chances of repeat purchases, maintaining their loyalty.


  • Including more data fields like First Order Date and First Ordered Products with report customizations reveals the products that bring in customers. You can customize this report with other data fields to expand its capabilities. 


Data Fields in the Customer Journey Report

The standard fields in this report are:


Customer Name: name of the customer as registered in Shopify


Total Spend: the total amount spent by a customer during the monitored period


Order Count: the number of orders placed by a customer


1x Buyers: value of a new customer’s first order


2x Buyers: combined value of the customer’s first and second orders


3x plus Buyers: combined value of three or more orders placed by a customer


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why use the Customer Journey Report?

The Report Pundit Customer Journey report helps:

  1. Identify loyal customers, find opportunities to retain them and upsell/cross sell products using the order count data 
  2. Match customer name, total spend and order count to categorize buyers, gaining valuable insights into their behavior
  3. Discover a customer’s lifetime value, thereby refining your marketing, pricing, and other customer outreach/retention efforts. 

  • What are the 1x buyers, 2x buyers and 3x buyer fields?

The Customer Journey report has the 1x, 2x, and 3x plus data fields to show the sales value added by a customer by their first, second, and third+ orders respectively. 

  • Will it include the fully refunded orders?

The report doesn’t list a customer whose first order has been fully refunded since such orders fall under “zero customer spend”. 

  • How can I run the Customer Journey report in Report Pundit?

Navigate to: Report Pundit App -> Library -> Customer Journey -> Customer Journey

Report Pundit Library - Customer Journey

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