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Best Selling Collections

Best Selling Collections Report

In today’s e-commerce landscape, understanding what resonates with your customers is crucial. For Shopify merchants, this involves analyzing report data from your product collections. As you sift through the numbers, buying patterns begin to emerge.  


Those organized product collections (ie On Sale, Fashion Accessories, etc) start revealing not just popular choices, but also untapped opportunities.


The Best Selling Collection report gathers data on your collections and presents them in an easy-to-understand table. Find out which collection’s sales are going through the roof and which ones are barely getting off the ground. 


Analyze the report’s data for deep insights into your product, marketing, and pricing strategies. Learn about your inventory management practices in-depth to avoid stock shortages. Understand your target market’s characteristics and improve customer experience. 


The Best Selling Collection report opens a window into your product collection practices that can help improve product sales, brand visibility and trust. 


How the Best Selling Collection Report Works

Let’s look at how this report impacted Steven, a Shopify toy merchant, to understand it better.

As a father, Steven knows all too well that kids can never have enough toys. So, he filled his online store with a variety of products to ensure there was something for every child. And he succeeded, drawing in a constant stream of buyers. 


But Steven noticed that the stream didn’t always lead to conversions; he found many abandoned carts. Digging deeper, he speculated that buyers abandoned carts due to lack of toy selection. 

He also found that website visitors spent considerable time there, but his bounce rate was higher than expected. His solution to these and other problems behind his lagging sales was Shopify collections.


Steven created the following collections in his online store:

Steve Shopify Merchant - Best selling collection Report


  • Toddler Toys – containing top 50 toys for children aged 1-3
  • Board Games – featuring every board game in stock
  • Summer Collections – including outdoor toys like beach balls, water pistols, etc. 
  • Plushie Hugs – All soft toys available for purchase
  • Discounted – On sale merchandise that qualifies for order discounts


He also launched a marketing plan to boost collection visibility. This included banners, coupons, social media ads, storefront optimization, and more.


And it worked. Steven saw a sizable increase in sales in just 15 days of the revised collections launch. It was more than expected, meaning it was more than he could handle. 


He struggled to manage his Shopify store, especially his inventory. He realized he couldn’t keep up without understanding each collection’s performance.


Steven installed the Report Pundit Shopify app and opened the Best Selling Collections report. He was greeted with a ton of data on his collections. He learned that:



  • Discounted items became his top sellers
  • Board game sales improved 12%
  • Plushie sales increased by 8%
  • Low performing board games got a boost, achieving 65% of the volume by top sellers
  • Top 10 selling toddler toys saw a marginal increase in sales
  • Some shoppers bought summer collection items in March, earlier than expected


Steven was pleased and relieved. But he didn’t stop there. He analyzed this data further and got some interesting insights into his collections strategy and overall ecommerce operations:

  • His marketing campaign was effective using Shopify collections. He’ll apply it to his future campaigns, especially to boost low performing products.
  • There’s an opportunity for sales growth by targeting adults. 
  • Discounts didn’t affect his profitability too much. He’ll maintain special pricing in future campaigns. 
  • He needs more variety for his product lineup. He’ll be stocking superhero action figures and related merchandise, creating an exclusive collection that should quickly boost sales.


Thanks to the Best Selling Collection report, Steven now envisions a future where both children and adults love to shop at his Shopify store. He also sees them referring others to experience the same delight. 


Steven’s use case example illustrates how the Best Selling Collections report can help:


  • Stay ahead of trends

The top-selling product in a collection highlights its popularity, enabling merchants to stay informed about their best-selling items. Use this insight to predict upcoming trends and prepare for them.

Ex: After exploring pre-season sales for “Total Units Sold,” Steven replenished his Summer collection earlier, increasing stock by 10%.

  • Boost sales of slow-moving products

Merchants can develop strategies to improve sales of underperforming collections. Consider replicating successful tactics from top-selling collections, like effective marketing and stand-out product features.

Ex: In Steven’s case, creating the Board Game collection helped boost sales of low selling items by listing them alongside top sellers, giving a 12% jump in his ‘Total Sales’ column data.


  • Unlock strategic efficiency

Deep analysis of the Best Selling Collection report shows merchants how their various strategies are performing. Use the insights into pricing, marketing, product lineup and others to improve the sales performance of collections. 

Ex: Steven pursues the sales potential of superhero toy expansion into his product lineup. 

  • Manage finances accurately

Merchants can track cash flow for bundled and individual product sales, easily identifying each item’s revenue within collections. 

Ex: Steven discovers discount rates didn’t affect his profit margins by tracking each product’s revenue contribution. So, he decides to continue with special pricing campaigns for his top sellers.


Data Fields in the Best Selling Collection Report

The standard fields in this report are:

  • Custom Collection: name of the collection on sale
  • Total Units Sold: number of products sold by collection
  • Total Sales: total income from a collection’s sale in the selected period 


Note: The report captures data of the previous 90 days by default.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why use the Best Selling Collection report?

You can use the Best Selling collections report to:

  • identify the best-selling collection.
  • design the strategy for products in the collections that are not selling enough.
  • forecast upcoming trends and prepare for them.
  • improve present collections and sales strategies.


  • Will I be able to view this report for different date ranges?

The report only has the last 90 days’ data. However, you can change the desired date range. For example, you can view the best selling collection of the previous year, month, week, etc.


  • Can I view best selling collections data for the last 30, 60 and 90 days in the same report?

Yes, the Best Selling Collections report can be customized to view relevant data for the last 30, 60 and 90 days together. You can contact our team at for this customization.


  • Can Report Pundit give info on my collection with the highest number of orders?

Yes, the report can be customized to show your collections with the most number of orders. Contact our team at to build this custom report.


  • Where can I find the Best Selling Collections report in Report Pundit?

Navigate to: Report Pundit App -> Library -> Product and Variant Sku Reports -> Best Selling Collections.

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