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Report Pundit Key Benefits At a Glance

The availability of over a 100 premade report templates ensure that sellers using Report Pundit get their reporting done in no time. Templates come with all commonly used data fields, with room to add more.

With a wide variety of customization options, you’ll struggle less understanding store health. Report Pundit presents all data the way you want, avoiding decisions made in the dark.

Report Pundit takes customization to a whole new level by allowing sellers to include Shopify metafield records in reports. You can also add custom data fields with help from our support team, along with advanced pivot summaries. 

Managing multiple stores is hassle-free with Report Pundit. Data from each Shopify store can be merged into a single report, saving time and cost.

Report Pundit makes third party app integration for Shopify stores painless. Adding data from over 28 platforms to a single report helps sellers avoid data management problems.

Report Pundit gathers global transactions across multiple currencies. It also converts them to a preferred currency with ease. No more confusion due to currency conversions!

We’re always listening to our customers to resolve issues quickly. And we don’t stop until you’re satisfied with the results.

Report Pundit empowers sellers with robust features at budget-friendly prices, boosting efficiency without draining profits. 

Report Pundit’s built-in chart tool turns complex data into visually engaging, color-coded graphics in just a few clicks.

Get reports via various file formats, at a set schedule, and flexibly delivered based on your needs. Data synchronization between Shopify servers, Report Pundit, and third-party apps ensures you’re up to date with the latest store performance. 

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