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Sales by Customer

Sales by Customer

As a Shopify merchant, you constantly look for strategies to get a competitive edge to increase market share and revenue. These goals are achieved by understanding your customer’s purchasing behaviors and preferences, which the Sales By Customer report can facilitate. 

In this article, we will learn to create and study this report to gain vital store performance insights. These insights can be used to optimize sales and marketing strategies for maximum growth.


What Exactly Is This Report?

The  Sales by Customer report provides information on purchase transactions performed by specific customers during a particular time period. This report helps business owners to gauge sales results and customer behavior. 

It typically includes the sale’s details like the customer’s name, email address, product specifics, orders, discounts, refunds, gross sales, net sales, and total sales.

This report is valuable as it offers insights into your customers’ buying habits and spot emerging trends. By examining this data, you can improve your marketing and sales strategies to better appeal to and satisfy your customers. This in turn leads to increased revenue inflow.

The Most Common Fields Present In The Sales by Customer Report

Following are the most commonly appearing data fields in this report:

      • Customer Name: Name of the buyer who placed the order

      • Customer Email: Email ID of the buyer who placed the order

      • Orders: Total number of orders placed by the buyer during a predetermined period.

      • Average Order Value : The average value of an order during a predetermined period. Calculated as Total Revenue/Number Of Orders

      • Purchase Frequency : How frequently the product is purchased over a predetermined period. Calculated as Total Orders/Total Customers

      • Order Province & Country: The location from which the order is placed

    Our reporting experts can also create custom fields for the report based on your requirements.

    Along with the common fields mentioned, you can choose to add others from the following Field Types.

    Field Types:

        • Order Details

        • Refunds

        • Product

        • Fulfillment

        • Tax

        • Discounts

        • Shipping

        • Transaction

        • Customer Journey

        • Customer

        • Billing / Payment

        • Client Details
        • Presentments


      Tips & Suggestions for Hassle-Free Report Generation

      Report Pundit offers two options for generating reports: Pre-created and Custom reports. Users can utilize over 100 pre-created templates, or use the report designer tool to create custom reports from scratch. 

      The Report Designer tool provides customization options such as static and calculated columns, date range selection, filter conditions, and sort conditions. Users can export reports in various formats, including Excel, PDF, CSV, and Google Drive, and can also schedule automatic report generation. 

      Learn more about hassle-free report generation using Report Pundit by CLICKING HERE for a dedicated guide on it.


      Why Your Shopify Store Needs This Report

      The Sales by Customer report is useful in these ways:

      Analyzing Customer Purchasing Patterns

      Keeping a close eye on buyers’ purchasing behavior is essential for understanding your buyers better and improving your sales strategies to improve conversion rates. 

       You gain insights into your customers’ preferences, the products in demand, and how they shop. By taking a buyer-focused approach, and using data to guide your decision-making, you can build strong relationships with buyers and drive long-term success for your business.

      Identifying Valuable Customers

      The Sales by Customer report plays a crucial role in identifying high-value customers who can contribute significantly to your business growth. 

      Analyzing order count and frequent purchases reveals customer loyalty. This is where the 80/20 Pareto principle comes into play – 20% of your customers are responsible for 80% of your business revenue. 

      By identifying this top 20% of your customer base, you can prioritize them and allocate resources to maintain their loyalty and satisfaction. These valuable customers are most likely to become brand advocates and drive word-of-mouth marketing for your business, which is an important aspect that cannot be ignored.

      Customized Marketing Approaches to Suit Unique Buyer Needs

      By analyzing your consumer sales activity, such as the products ordered, order frequency, total orders placed, refunds, favorite products, and total sales, you can develop a plan for promotional activities that suit a specific set of consumers. This will boost sales and expand your business by acquiring and retaining similar customers.

      Discovering Customer Favorites

      Obtaining insights into why certain products are popular among your customers, region or a country can be incredibly valuable. This comprehension can aid in understanding what made these products favorites, whether it be discounts, low product price, speedy delivery, or product quality. This analysis can assist you in making decisions about your other products.

      Increased Customer Loyalty

      You can offer buyers more personalized service and cater their offerings based on their demand. For example, If your buyer purchases a specific product regularly you can offer them rewards, this in turn will make them loyal to your business.

      Identify Cross-Selling and Upselling Opportunities

      Business owners can find cross-selling and upselling opportunities by examining consumers’ purchasing habits. Cross-selling is a technique where a company encourages consumers to purchase additional products or services related to their original purchase. This can be achieved by suggesting complementary items that enhance their overall experience or fulfill additional needs.

      Upselling, on the other hand, is when a seller promotes a higher-priced or upgraded version of a product or service. The objective is to provide shoppers with options that offer better features, improved quality, or enhanced performance, thereby increasing the value of their purchase.

      Both cross-selling and upselling have several benefits for your business. They can boost revenue by increasing the average transaction value, improve customer satisfaction by meeting additional customer needs or desires, and strengthen customer loyalty by showcasing personalized recommendations.


      Unveiling Insights: What You’ll Learn From This Report

          • Tracking Customer Discounts

        Determining the proportion of your buyers that utilize discount codes while purchasing is critical. You can gather this data by monitoring specific discount codes. Using this information can help target buyers and boost sales.

            • Product Purchased 

          The Sales by Customer report reveals the products your customers have bought over a specific period,  and how much they’ve spent during that time. By comparing this data and that of other products, you can uncover your most popular products and alter your marketing efforts accordingly. 

          You can use this information to cross-sell and upsell products, re-target buyers who haven’t made a purchase in a while, and even send them personalized emails with price drop notifications. With this valuable data, you can take your marketing strategy to the next level and drive more sales for your business.

              • Top Spenders 

            Identifying your top spenders is a key strategy for maximizing revenue as they frequently bring in high revenue. You can determine the customers spending the most each month by looking into the data in this report.. Use this information to re-target them with personalized recommendations and customer-specific promotions.

                • Repeat Customers

              By analyzing customer data, you can identify the ones making repeat purchases. Then, understand their preferences and purchase frequency. These customers are essential for the business and can become loyal brand advocates, resulting in a higher Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV). Once these customers are identified, you should provide them with the best support and service to encourage repeat business.


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