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Sales by Billing Location

Sales by Billing Location

Sales by Billing Location

The greater your reach, the better it is for your eCommerce business. But are you aware of your sales performance in each location? Do you know which states, provinces or even countries are helping you rake in the dough? Understanding your domestic and international sales performance is crucial to keep your business firing on all cylinders.

Report Pundit’s Sales by Billing Location report records a transaction’s location using the customer’s billing address, with each state/province and country considered a ‘Location’ for your convenience. This report offers the insights you need to manage your store successfully, no matter the number of locations.


Why Use the Sales by Billing Location Report?

Say you’re a tech accessories seller operating your Shopify store in multiple states in the US as well as overseas. You’ve steadily grown over the last two years, but aren’t quite sure as to how exactly. 

You desire insights about your domestic and international sales like:

  • Top performing products in each market
  • Local preferences
  • Sales pattern of each location
  • Periods of high sales volume in each state/country, etc. 



Without these insights, you’re in the dark about your product and marketing strategy for each location. Further, business expansion now hangs in the balance –  a few wrong moves and that balance tips for the worse, maybe even beyond recovery. 


Report Pundit’s Sales by Billing Location Report is designed to help with just such situations. Diving into it lets you:

  • Spot your top and least spending locations for fine-tuning your overall sales strategy
  • Find new sales opportunities and divert resources to meet expected demand, especially in high sales locations
  • Localize your product lineups and marketing strategy to improve sales in various regions


This report reveals every detail about your sales performance across regions. Now, you can:

  • Track your sales performance in all regions with ease
  • Beat your local competition by stocking tech accessories before they trend
  • Avoid losses due to poor regional strategies
  • Enhance brand value in new and existing markets, and more


Highest Sales by billing locations
Total sales sorted in descending order, allowing you to easily view locations ranked by their highest sales value.


Report Pundit’s Sales by Billing Location Report is what you need to boost your business awareness across domestic and international borders.


Data Fields in the Sales by Billing Location Report

The standard fields in this report are:

Billing Country: name of the country in the order’s billing address 

Billing Province: name of the province in the order’s billing address

Order Count: no. of orders placed in a specific state/country during a specific time period 

Gross Sales: gross sales amount of a region. Calculated as Product Price x* Ordered Quantity

Discounts: discounts on orders by location

Refunds: refunds issued for orders by location

Net Sales: a billing location’s net sales amount during selected time range

Taxes: total taxes collected at each billing location. Includes Shopify-specific ones like shipping taxes

Shipping: amount collected to ship products from a location

Total Sales: total revenue by location. Includes taxes, shipping, discount and refunds


How to View the Sales by Billing Location Report

It’s a simple 3-step process:

  1. In your Report Pundit app, click Library in the navigation bar.
  2. Check out the Sales & Order Reports section.
  3. When found, click Sales by Billing Location


Quick Tip: Type ‘Sales by Billing Location’ in the Library’s search bar to quickly bring up the report.

Search - Sales by billing report


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why use the Sales by Billing Location Report?

The Sales by Billing Location Report shows sales in specific states or countries for your chosen day, week, or month, helping you identify the most and least profitable locations. 


  • Can Report Pundit display my top three sales locations?

Report Pundit’s default setting for the Sales by Billing Location Report organizes sales by location from highest to lowest. So, the first three rows display the top three sales locations.


  • How to customize the report by specific states/province as I am not selling internationally?

Add a ‘State/Province’ column to your report for a detailed breakdown of sales by state. You can easily set this up yourself, or email our team at for custom set up by our experts.


  • I want to see the presentment currency and amount  in the report. Is it possible to add?

Yes, we can add the presentment currency with the amount in the Sales by Billing Location Report. Please reach out to our team at for customizing the report.


  • How can I run the Sales by Billing Location Report in Report Pundit?

Follow this path: Report Pundit App -> Library -> Sales & Order Reports -> Sales by Billing Location

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