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Commission Report

Commission Report

Commission Report

Welcome to a smoother way of managing commissions with Report Pundit’s Commission Report. Picture this: a world where tracking commissions for your Shopify store’s staff, vendors, and influencers is a breeze. Our report does just that, providing a crystal-clear overview of the rewards earned for their efforts in shining a spotlight on your products.

Think of commissions as a high-five for your team’s hard work, so getting these numbers right is crucial. It’s not just about avoiding a math mishap that could pinch your pockets, but also about cheering on your team and influencers with the earnings they rightly deserve. 


How are Sales Commissions Calculated? 

Imagine Dave, a savvy employee at a Shopify eco-apparel store, earning a 10% commission. 

He launches a successful campaign for organic cotton tees, generating $5,000 in sales. With Report Pundit, Dave’s effort translates into a crisp $500 commission, calculated easily using the total sales amount.


Why The Commission Report is Important

Keeping an eye on the Commission Report:

  • Lets you track the exact commission payments made daily, monthly, or quarterly.
  • Ensures accurate payment of commissions (which motivates your employees to work harder).
  • Aids in pricing strategies, especially for products sold primarily on a commission basis, like drop shipping.
  • Facilitates comparing sales with and without commission to gauge their impact on total sales.

Note: The default commission rate applied in the report is 20% of total sales. You can make the commission calculations work for you by selecting appropriate staff, suppliers, or influencers. You can also use other fields like ‘Net Sales’ for the calculations. 


Commission Report Fields

The Commission Report has the following standard fields:

Date: date of the commission-related sale

Order Name: Order ID of the sale used for calculating the commission

Total Sales: the final sales amount used to calculate the commission

Commission: represents additional income your team earns, calculated as a percentage of the sales value

Note: You can enhance your report with additional details by choosing fields from the ‘Add column’ section.

How to View the Commission Report

Viewing the Commission Report is a simple task. Just follow these steps: 

  1. Click on Library in your Report Pundit app’s navigation bar.
  2. Go to Sales & Order Reports.
  3. Select Commission Report.
  4. Or, just type “Commission Report” in the library’s search bar for quick access. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need the Commission Report?

It offers a detailed breakdown of commissions your team earns from sales, allowing you to monitor total commission payments for specific days, weeks, or months.

  • Can I set my own commission percentage?

While Report Pundit’s Commission Report defaults to a 20% commission on total sales, you’re free to adjust this rate by adding a custom column. Or, reach out to our support team for assistance.

  • What purposes does the Commission Report serve?

Here’s what the Commission Report brings to your table:

1) Influencer payout reporting – Influencers on platforms like YouTube and TikTok promote your products. In return, they earn a set commission based on a percentage or fixed amount of the sales. 

The Commission Report tracks all sales from your affiliates’ YouTube/TikTok links via UTM parameters (content or term). It also captures sales data related to their assigned discount codes.

2) Vendor payouts – Sometimes, vendors selling via your Shopify store receive commissions for specific product sales. In this case, you need to report all sales related to the particular vendor or product. 

3) Partner/Staff payouts – These commissions are based on the sales achieved by employees or partners. You can also take advantage of our ‘Sales by Staff’ report for detailed insights.

  • How do I run the Commission Report in Report Pundit?

In the Report Pundit App, navigate to ‘Library,’ then ‘Sales & Order Reports,’ and select ‘Commission Report.’

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