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Best Selling Products

Best Selling Products Report

Market trends shift rapidly, impacting your product movement. Demographic, geographic, and other long-term trends also influence your sales rates. If your product lineup doesn’t meet the changing demands, customers will bail on your store in no time. 


You must know how your products are doing at any given time to stay on top of your business. 

The hard part: it gets tricky when you’ve got a ton of products. The good news: Report Pundit has the Best Selling Product report to shed light on them all. It lists your products sold by quantity in descending order, in real time no less.


Keep tabs on each product’s daily performance. Use it to make impactful data-driven decisions on business aspects like understanding market demand, inventory management, product lineup change, marketing strategy revamp, etc. 

The Best Selling Product report gives the insights you need to profit from every market trend.


How the Best Selling Product Report Works

Let’s look at how this report helped Ashton, a Shopify stationery products retailer. 

Ashton’s business could be described in one word – steady. He had good sales rates, profitability, brand trust, etc. And Ashton was happy with it. 



But growing competition threatened to unsettle Ashton’s smooth sales. Rapidly growing his store was his only way to beat them. 

For that, he had to expand his market horizons – easier said than done. Since his sales were steady for a long time, Ashton didn’t scrutinize them in-depth.


He realized he couldn’t grow without knowing how each of his products were performing – the key to developing an effective sales strategy.

The problem? He needed this information ASAP. He couldn’t sift through years of sales data to get it but hoped a reporting tool could. 


Ashton found Report Pundit and used the Best Selling Product report for the required data.  

Analyzing the report gave him surprising store insights. Folders were selling rapidly, only beaten during the holiday season by gift cards. Sharpies, which he thought were his best seller, were second most popular, followed by whiteboards and staplers.

At the lower end of sales activity were graphing notebooks and advanced scientific calculators. Ashton felt let down, having expected these products with significant profit margins to boost his sales.


Ashton revamped his marketing and inventory management to sell more of his top products. He also held off adding eBook readers until his low performing products hit their sales targets. 

Thanks to the Best Selling Products report, Ashton’s Shopify store is now defined by new words:  efficiency and growth.


Ashton’s experience reveals that this report:

  • Keeps merchants updated on their best selling products 

This is vital information to develop effective sales and marketing strategies. 


  • Helps recognize the reasons behind each product’s sales rate 

Merchants can analyze that reason and gain many sales insights.

Example: If sales are spiking for a certain product, you can dig deeper and find out when it’s occurring. You can then capitalize on that trend the next time with the right discount code, marketing, etc. 

  • Displays revenue share of each product 

Merchants can confirm if their best selling product has the largest revenue share. This insight is essential to develop the right pricing strategy. 

  • Connects store performance and product lineup

Merchants can use this report to gauge their product lineup accuracy. If your best selling products are performing below expectations, you can experiment with new products or designs. 

  • Indicates marketing strategy effectiveness

By looking into the marketing of each product, merchants can know their RoAS (Return On Ad Spend) and ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales) accurately and adjust the strategy for maximum returns. You can even improve sales of your poorly performing products with such adjustments. 


Data Fields in the Best Selling Products Report

The standard fields in this report are:

Product Title: name of the product listed for sale

Units Sold: total number of products sold within a given period

Total Sales: total income earned by a product during a specified period


Important: The pre-defined time frame for this report is 90 days to capture the reasonable and latest data.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is the Best Selling Products report important?

The Best Selling Products report helps:

  • identify the best selling products
  • analyze the cause of demand
  • perform a product lineup audit to match market demand
  • manage inventory smoothly

(Merchants may find more uses for this report depending on their specific situation. )


  • Will I be able to view this report for different date ranges?

The report only has the last 90 days’ data. However, you can change the desired date range. For example, you can view the best selling product of the previous year, month, week, etc.


  • Can I view best selling products data for the last 30, 60 and 90 days in the same report?

Yes, the Best Selling Products report can be customized to view relevant data for the last 30, 60 and 90 days together. You can contact our team at for this customization.


  • Can Report Pundit give info on my product with the highest number of orders?

Yes, the report can be customized to show your products with the most number of orders. Contact our team at to build this custom report.


  • Where can I find the Best Selling Products report in Report Pundit?

Navigate to: Report Pundit App -> Library -> Product and Variant Sku Reports -> Best Selling Products.

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