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All Products Report

All Products Report

All Products Report

Offering a wide range of product options can increase conversions and encourage customers to stay longer on your ecommerce store, ultimately boosting your customer base. 


Do you have the variety in your product lineup to meet customer demand? And varying product categories alone won’t do – you should list multiple variants of each product on sale. (Variants are versions of a product with differences in attributes like color, size, storage capacity, etc.) 


And if you do have the right lineup, are you monitoring how that red t-shirt is performing versus the blue one? If you don’t, you’ll drop the ball on many aspects of your business like inventory management, customer experience, profitability and others. 


Our All Products report provides details for each variant Stock Keeping Unit (SKU). It tracks changes made to all SKUs in real-time.


This report is packed with detailed data fields for each product variant, offering in-depth insights into your store. Analyze it to fully understand your pricing strategy, costs, inventory status, marketing efforts, and more. 


Manage multiple products and variants without hassles using the All Products report. 


How the All Products Report Works

This report is best understood with an example. We’ll study how Pam used it to her benefit.


Pam recently opened a Shopify candy store filled with all types of goodies. Having a sweet tooth herself, she wanted to leave no stone unturned in satisfying fellow candy lovers. Gummy bears, chocolates, taffy … She had them all in every flavor.


With a bright and lively storefront matching her personality, Pam managed to build a large, loyal fanbase. They simply couldn’t get enough of her products, which flew off the shelves faster than she could manage. 


However, the lack of product sales details worried Pam. She couldn’t acquire and analyze data fast enough to operate her Shopify store smoothly. She wondered what she’d do about high sales activity during the holiday season. 


Pam craved product data more than her own sweets. She wanted to set product management right with data-driven planning and execution. So she installed Report Pundit and explored the All Products report. 


The report gave Pam a detailed look into her product activity, down to every product variant SKU. She found that:

Report Pundit - All Product Report

  • lollipop orders were mostly bulk instead of individual units, regardless of flavor
  • strawberry and mango jell-o flavors had the highest demand for that product
  • single serving packs of her custom chocolate were doing better than larger sizes
  • taffy sales were below expectations, no matter the flavor or pack size
  • gum had a good initial run but slowed down over time


Pam got more insights into her Shopify business than she bargained for by analyzing the data. For example, she discovered that her brick-and-mortar store B2B customers caused the bulk lollipop sales. 

Checking her marketing revealed an underperforming strategy for taffy and custom chocolates. She also noted that the decline in gum sales started after she switched vendors. 

And the list of insights just kept coming. Today, Pam is changing her overall store management practices, revamping marketing strategy, reevaluating vendor choices, reviewing prices and so on. 

Thanks to the All Products report, Pam can look forward to sweet customer and store management experiences on her Shopify candy store.


From Pam’s experience, we learn the All Products report helps:

  • Record each product variant’s details

Merchants can access product variant specifics easily in one place. Keep tabs on each variant SKU to prevent confusion about its status.

Ex: Pam recognizing her custom chocolates sold better as single-size packs than large ones due to relevant variant data in the report. 

  • Categorize products easily 

The report’s data on collections and product types enables merchants to categorize their products with little effort. 

Ex: Pam adding the strawberry and mango-flavored jell-o units into the “Best Selling” custom category. Data in the Product Type, Product Title, Variant Title and SKU fields helped her.  

  • Optimize product page information

Merchants can use this report to optimize product listings, ensuring that product descriptions, images, and other details are up-to-date and appealing to customers. Match your product lineup and descriptions for better customer journeys.

Ex: Pam updating taffy product description as a part of her renewed marketing campaign to boost its sales. The “Meta Description” and “Handle” data fields played a crucial role here. 

  • Document products for compliance

Merchants can use product details in this report to create documentation for compliance processes, such as product quality audits, trade export control and compliance, etc. 

Ex: Pam using the “Meta Description” field to keep product information updated in line with FDA-approved standards and build customer trust in the brand using quality compliance.


Data Fields in the All Products Report

The standard fields in this report are:


  • Product Title: name of the product 
  • Variant Title: name of the product variant. Commonly varying attributes include color, size, storage, material, etc. 
  • For example, iPhone variants based on storage like 128 GB and 256 GB
  • SKU: a unique code assigned to each product variant unit. Generally used to track stock
  • Product Type: category of product. Examples include apparel, accessories, toys, appliances, etc.
  • Handle: keywords assigned by merchants to products. Makes product search easier 
  • Meta Description: product page summary. Displayed when customers search for the product online 
  • Custom Collections: name of custom product collection created by merchant. Examples include Summer Collection, Winter Collection, etc.
  • Smart Collections: product collection name automatically generated by Shopify. Based on product details added by merchant
  • Option: fields for customers to add details other than product information key for purchases. Helps buyers make informed purchases and merchants collect extra information to improve service quality
  • Examples: personalized messages on products, detailed delivery instructions

Note: There are three option fields in the report labeled Option 1, Option 2 and Option 3

  • Vendor: name of vendor to which the product is attributed. For products with multiple vendors, each vendor’s information is displayed on separate lines
  • Tags: tag used for the product variant SKU. Example: 20% off
  • Barcode: unique barcode ID for the product variant SKU
  • Product Cost: purchase price of the product paid to vendor/supplier
  • Product Price: product price listed/quoted by merchant on product page
  • Inventory Quantity: total number of units of a product available for sale


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is the All Products report important?

You can use the All Products report to:

  • view products available in store and their details
  • identify inaccuracies in product descriptions for manual correction
  • ensure products comply with existing regulations
  • find out selling rate of individual variants
  • optimize product lineup and marketing strategy
  • easily categorize products and track custom product collection sales performance


  • Does this report display hidden product information?

Yes, you can view details like products in draft orders that are otherwise invisible. Information not visible to customers is also displayed


  • Can I add product description and inventory location to this report?

Yes, you can add custom data fields like product description, inventory location, etc. using the Add Columns button or by contacting us at


  • Can I view the date when the product was last updated, or track updates made on a specific day?

Yes, you can view updates made to a product variant SKU on a specific day in this report. 

Example: If the last updated date is shown as 1st Dec 2023, it means the product’s status last changed on that particular day.


  • Where can I find the All Product report in Report Pundit?

Navigate to: Report Pundit App -> Library -> Product and Variant Sku Reports -> All Products

Report Pundit Library - All Products

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