Pricing for Advanced Shopify Stores

Report Pundit Pricing is Based On Your Shopify Account Type : ADVANCED


Per Month

For Stores with Less than 1,000 Total Orders

  • All Shopify Data
  • All Pre-created Reports
  • Create Custom Reports
  • Filter, Sort, Group Data
  • View or Export Reports
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Per Month

All FREE FOREVER features and:

  • Unlimited Orders
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Chat/Email Support
  • Multi-store Reporting
  • Free Report Setup
  • Account Onboarding
  • Advanced Schedules
  • Calculated Fields
  • Multi-Currency Reporting
  • Charts
  • Google Sheets
  • Big Query
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Per Month

All FREE/ESSENTIALS features and:

  • Google Analytics
  • PayPal
  • Facebook
  • Stripe
  • Klarna
  • Amazon Pay
  • Bold API
  • Shipstation
  • UPS (coming soon)
  • FedEx
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Essentials and Essentials Plus plans include these powerful features


Our FREE FOREVER plan is available for shops with an all time total order count of less than 1,000 orders.

The FREE FOREVER plan equips you with basic Report Pundit app functionality. You can use pre-made report templates, build customized reports, and export reports using Excel, CSV, and PDF formats.

Our 14-day free trial includes all features that Report Pundit has to offer. In other words, you’ll have complete access to all items listed under the ESSENTIALS PLUS plan for 14 days.

Our ESSENTIALS plan includes all Report Pundit features, excluding third-party app integrations. The ESSENTIALS PLUS plan adds more than 20 third-party connections to platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook, Amazon Pay, Klarna, Stripe, etc. With ESSENTIALS PLUS plans, you get everything Report Pundit has to offer.

Shopify stores typically reflect order/customer activity tied to their account type (Basic, Standard, Advanced, Plus). As Report Pundit processes more store records, server system requirements also increase. That’s why we offer pricing related to your Shopify store account plan.

Example: The Essentials plan costs $9 for a Basic Shopify store and $35 for an Advanced Shopify store.