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Report Pundit

How Report Pundit can meet all Shopify reporting needs?

For more than 5 years, we have helped create custom reporting solutions for thousands of Shopify merchants.

With our experience and insights, we have launched a new reporting & analytics app called Report Pundit. Within seven months of launch, we have more than 259 reviews from Shopify Merchants (all 5-star).

Our goal is to be an affordable, easy to use, one-stop reporting shop for Shopify merchants.

Below is a quick overview of how Report Pundit can help you:

Instant reports – Filter, sort, combine, or segment data. Summarize or drill-down data to report or analyze. No need to export to spreadsheet, even though that option is available.

View custom reports – based on order tags, product tags, delivery date, item properties, order properties, and customer tags. Many online kitchen, food delivery shops create and automate reports based on delivery date and order tags.

Customize Shopify Reports – Add fields to the regular inbuilt Shopify reports. Many Shopify merchants prefer this option to add any field to the existing Shopify report fields.

Sales, Product, Fulfillment or Customer Reports – Analyze from hundreds of fields related to your store.

Auto-Append data to Google Sheets – Connect to your own Dashboard or visualization tool like Google Data Studio, Tableau, Power BI, or Big Query.

Other report types – like Profit and Net Margin, Payout & Customer Journey Reports.

Combine Shopify data, Google Analytics & Facebook for deeper insights – Know the journey of each visitor from a visit to purchase or refunds.

Calculated Fields to create custom fields – Powerful feature which enables you to create fields unique to your business. Apply rules and conditions by the simple case or if statement.

Group data in columns, not just rows – Summarize data vertically using row group function or horizontally using column group function.

Multi-Shop reporting – by consolidating data from multiple shops into one report or dashboard. Shopify Plus merchants use this feature to consolidate their data into one report.

Multi-Currency Reporting – Convert numbers from any currency to another. If you have shops in multiple currencies and want to report the numbers in one currency, then Report Pundit can convert any currency to the home reporting currency.

Shareable Report link – to share reports with your team without having to share Shopify login (Password Protected). Allow viewers to change date range, filter or sort data.

Automated report exports – through email, FTP. Schedule automated exports based daily, hourly, weekly, monthly, month-to-date, quarter-to-date or custom date ranges.

Payout reports detail – Fetch any detail behind each Bank deposit from Shopify Payments to the Merchants account. Accountants love this feature. They can know the order number, product name, order country, taxes, cost behind each bank deposit from Shopify.

Product and Import Feeds – Create invoice, sales, product feed templates to upload to Quickbooks, Zero, Google Shopping, Facebook and Pinterest.

Dashboards, Charts and Graphs coming soon – You can create custom dashboards and visualize metrics. Will be available by the end of May, 2020.

If you are not a data person or busy running your store, do not worry. Our friendly live chat support team will create any type of custom report in minutes.

You can install a free 14-day trial here. No credit card required.

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