Demystify Your Shopify Revenue with Payout Reports

Stay on top of your finances with Report Pundit's Payout Reports. Dive into detailed payout analytics, reconcile accounts, identify top customers, and access data from multiple gateways for smarter financial decisions.

Payout Reports by Report Pundit aim to simplify payment reconciliation and bulk transfers to bank accounts of medium and small-sized business owners. These reports are loaded with data on multiple payout transactions like Paypal, Shopify, Stripe, etc. 

Our Payout Reports are also preferred by Shopify merchants due to their ability to reconcile multiple order details. These include Product Name, Tax Collected, Discounts, Refunds, Taxes, Shipping, Fee and Net Payment Received. 

With Report Pundit’s Payout Reports, you can stay on top of your inbound revenue and keep your finances in check. 


What You Get with Payout Reports

Report Pundit’s Payout Reports give you these key benefits:


Dig Deep Into Each Payout 

Report Pundit’s Payout Reports can fetch important data from your many payment providers. It delivers payout details beyond just Payout Amount.

For example, let’s say Shopify deposits $100 to your bank account. Our Shopify Payout Report breaks it down to give you the smallest details like:

  • The number of orders that were completed
  • The value of each order
  • The type of products in the each order
  • The transaction fee of each order 
  • The net amount deposited, etc.

You’ll have a clear idea about each payout as a result.

Reconcile Accounts Accurately

Shopify merchants primarily use Report Pundit’s Payout Reports for easy reconciliation of bank account payouts. It helps accountants align bank statements with sales data.

Know Your Customers’ Net Payments

Understanding Net Payments from each customer is key as these payments exclude discounts, refunds and fees, showing your real revenue. 

Identifying top customers is critical. You can focus on them, providing extra value to forge lasting relationships. Pinpoint these customers with Net Revenue details in Payout Reports.

Get Multi-Gateway Payout Info

Report Pundit’s Payout Reports extract your payout data from gateways like Stripe, Paypal and Shopify. There’s also Google Pay, Amazon Pay and Klarna, among others.

Know Your Top Payment Gateways

The Payout Reports reveal top-performing gateways through transaction numbers and values. This allows for informed decisions on the most effective gateways.

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